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Top 10 Christmas Movies for Cynics

X-Mas Movies To Feed The Bah Humbug Spirit


Tired of It's a Wonderful Life? Sick of White Christmas? Here is our list of ten Christmas movies that are guaranteed not to fill you with the holiday spirit.

1. Bad Santa

Billy Bob Thornton falls down drunk a lot in this hilarious and sublimely offensive tale of a pair of Yuletime robbers. The staggeringly foulmouthed Tony Cox plays his elfin sidekick. Does it ruin the fun if we reveal that in the end, director Terry Zwigoff's heart is in the right place?
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2. Gremlins

For mad holiday mayhem, Joe Dante's 1984 invasion of anarchic critters can't be beat. Have a drink of eggnog every time a gremlin gets electrocuted on Christmas lights. With Zach Galligan, Hoyt Axton, and former teen star Phoebe Cates as the virginal bank teller who just hates the holidays.
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3. Brazil

It's Christmas night at the Buttle's when the fascist troopers come busting through the roof in Terry Gilliam's hallucinatory dystopia, and all Mrs. Buttle gets is a receipt for her kidnapped husband.
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4. La Buche

Sabine Azéma, Emmanuelle Béart, and Charlotte Gainsbourg star as bickering sisters in Danièle Thompson's debut film about Christmas and infidelity.
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5. The Umbrellas of Cherbourg

Only a hardened Scrooge could resist bursting into tears at the end of Jacques Demy's impossibly romantic love story, when Catherine Deneuve and Nino Castelnuovo meet again on a snowy Christmas Eve. Too bad it's for the last time....
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6. Life of Brian

Little needs to be said about this classic Monty Python comedy. But if the holidays are getting a bit much, why not be an individual and celebrate the birth of Brian instead?
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7. The Nightmare Before Christmas

Tim Burton brings Halloween and his own twisted vision to the holidays in this 1993 animated musical.
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8. Die Hard

The wisecracking New York cop who saved Christmas! When terrorists take over a skyscraper during a holiday party, it's time for Bruce Willis to kick some butt in what is one of the greatest action flicks ever made: "Now I have a machine gun. Ho ho ho."
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9. Eyes Wide Shut

Cruise, Kidman, Kubrick, Santa: from the opening ball to the final masked orgy, Stanley Kubrick's adaptation of Schnitzlers "Traumnovelle" unfolds before the backdrop of the holidays.
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10. Go!

Katie Holmes and Sarah Polley sell fake ecstasy to ravers on Christmas Eve in Doug Liman's "Pulp Fiction"-lite comedy.
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Your Favorite Holiday Films

Do you think an alcoholic, kleptomaniac Santa is sacrilege? Respond to our list and post your own favorites.
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